Artificial Reefs


Artificial reefs on the Algarve Coast – RA VILAMOURA


Artificial Reefs are placed in 1990 in the Portuguese coastal waters, thanks to a project to assess the geo-ecological effects of these structures in fishing environement in charge of IPIMAR.

The reef complex of the Algarve coast is made up of seven artificial reefs, which are each composed of at least 2940 of concrete modules weighing 3 tons and 36 large modules with more than 40 tons each.


The reef complex is made of 20,748 modules, discontinuously occupying a total area of about 43.5 km2.


The reef system of Faro/Ancão is the largest structure of its kind in Europe, extending for 8.1 km. The structures are located beyond the isobath of 15 meters so as not to damage the coastal fishing.


Currently these reefs are one of the major points of attraction for scuba diving, gathering numerous species of underwater flora and fauna of the region.


Attraction: Open concrete structures where you can find sea breams, toadfish, blennies, crabs, octopuses, shrimps, conger eels, moray eels, meagres.


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