Comercial Services


OPEN WATERS is a specialized company on providing underwater services since 2005. Our services are based on two components: training and technical services in sea, lakes marinas and ports.


- Courses at various levels and specialties;

- Programmed diving trips;

- Salvage;

- Super structures salvage ;

- Surveys;

- Rescue;

- Footage;

- Cutting and Welding;

- Demolitions;

- Underwater clean up;

- underwater archeology support.






Our Open Waters team has been involved in the study of Cultural Heritage. As such we offer a range of services related to the protection and study of Cultural Heritage:


Every single one of our projects is supervised by a licensed archaeologist and staffed by field specific professionals.


> Mitigation work in Underwater and Terrestrial Cultural Heritage;

> Cartography and Bibliographic studies;

> Surveys;

> Trial Trenching;

> Remote Sensing;

> Cultural Heritage recuperation;

> Emergency excavations;

> Archaeological supervision of works;

> Archaeological research.


Fuzeta 0406

Impact mitigation work for Underwater Cultural Heritage, our project insured the compliance of the archaeological bylaws for the construction works in Fuzeta Harbor. The client contracted us for Cartography and Bibliographic studies, characterization studies and underwater surveys. During the works we became aware of the cultural rich maritime heritage of the area. Most of this heritage is in a state of degradation, but none affected by the works.


Cabanas de Tavira 0506

In consequence of the improvement works for the Cabanas Harbour infrastrucures in Tavira, our company was selected to survey and present mitigation measures in the Underwater Cultural Heritage.


Pedrouços 0307

The reactivation of the Pedrouços dock was one of the most interesting challenges of our company, the complications and time frame allocated for the study required state of the art remote sensing equipment and a expert underwater team. The client contracted us for Cartography and Bibliographic studies, characterization studies, remote sensing and underwater surveys. In very low visibility and high currents our team proved their professionalism while identifying every mapped remote sensing target.


Sesimbra 1008

With the goal of surveying for Underwater Cultural Heritage, the Open Waters team surveyed and trenched a corridor for a underwater pipe.


Guadiana 0609

The study for the navigation of the Guadiana River allowed us, using some of the more modern remote survey equipment and with the colaboration of leading experts in the field, to locate an ancient estuary of Guadiana and identify the location of a lost roman harbour.


Archaeologist | Dr. Tiago Fraga


Field technician | Felizardo Pinto




Vertical works


Due to an extensive experience associated to climbing of some members of our team, we provide vertical services that include fixing and installation of equipment in places of difficult access.



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